Union Glass is manufacturing the glassware with international quality control standards
to highly give the pleasure and safety for our customers more than 40 years.


Establishment of Mitpol company

Our company had intended to manufacture
Thai brand glassware to be international reputation. At that time, the main product was the bottle under the brand “Coin” meaning the dedicated investment in capital, knowledge and capability with great effort of co-founders to break all obstacles in order to get value, strong and durable products to finally reach the customers.


Being the great year of major changing, “Mitpol” company was renamed to “Union Glass” company.
We invested the modern and high technology of machines for improvement
of quality glassware production under trademark "Union Glass" to distribute to domestic market and overseas market.  


Glass color printing plant was founded to completely meet the requirements of customers.


Starting to participate in environment conservation by joining concerned projects e.g.
CT (Clean Technology), the “Thousand Eyes” project to preserve environment around factory, Green Industry.
Till now, Union Glass Co., Ltd. is still having the progress in environment conservation no less than giving the commercial significance.